Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ice Cream and Disney Movies

It’s a Monday evening. I’m sitting here watching Pete’s Dragon because Disney movies make me happy. It’s about 7:45, so Jon should be calling me in about 45 minutes. I’m really excited to hear from him. Yesterday, Jon’s mom and I left Jon in West Virginia. Today he started his new job as the Graphics Designer for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. For those that know my fiancĂ©, know how much this means to him. Before Jon met me, hiking was his passion. And it still is to a certain extent. Jon has hiked the entire Appalachian Trial that extends from Georgia to Maine (like 2500 miles, I think). Jon has also hiked the Colorado Trail (500 miles) and the Olympic National Forest Trail in the Pacific Northwest. (I think that’s the name of it anyway)… regardless, my future husband has walked across America, and he LOVES it! So this job working with the Appalachian Trail is his man cave! Ha! I imagine that every dude would love for their job to be their man cave. I’m so proud for him and am so excited he gets a taste of what it’s like to live out his dream career. However, because Jon took this job… he had to move to West Virginia, which means he will be up there for the last half of our Engagement. This is extremely tough for us, because although we haven’t lived together, Jon and I have seen each other every single day (with the exception of just a few days) since we started dating. Being apart for a long period of time is torture… but I’m confident that the Lord is going to teach us both something during this season. However, right now… it’s pretty tough. Yesterday when Jon and I were saying goodbye to each other, he picked me up and started running down the street with me. He wasn’t ready for me to get in the car and leave. And then when I finally got in the car with his mom for our final goodbye… that was so tough. I had cried myself to sleep the night before and the waterworks were starting again. It was so hard to let go of Jon … I had to force myself to undo my embrace around his chest. When we pulled away, Jon started running after the car and I poked my head out the window to watch him fade in the distance. After I couldn’t see him anymore, I just cried and cried. Jon’s mom warned me that she probably wouldn’t cry when we left Jon (because she was use to him going away for long periods of time with his hiking), but I think our love for each other got to her because she cried with me. Come to find out, that Jon sat down on the curb and cried after we drove out of site. He’ll probably not like that I said that, but that just shows you how strong of a love we have for each other. I can’t believe that I’m with a man like Jon. In fact, I didn’t know that men like Jon existed. He’s respectful, he’s kind, he loves with the strongest genuine love that I’ve ever felt before, he looks at my eyes, he tells me I’m beautiful at random times during the day, he says “I love you” so much that he asked me if he was saying it too much, ha! I’ve never met a man like Jon before. He love Jesus with all of his heart, and he’s “waiting” for marriage with me (which is super tough! But definitely possible!). He prays with me every night, he takes me on spontaneous trips, and kisses me each time I get anywhere near his lips. Oh my goodness… my man is so amazing! I can’t sing his praises enough, he makes me want to be a better person. We have so many inside jokes and phrases, and we’re so goofy with each other. Ha! We feel like we’ve lived a lifetime (in a good way) together just by how open we are in our communication. Last week, we ended our pre-marriage counseling… and that was the best thing we ever did for our relationship. So many hard issues were surfaced, and we were able to talk through them instead of fighting through them later when they arose in our marriage. We were able to talk through the tough situations that could play out during our marriage. Jon and I had some disagreements and some little bickers… but nothing major. It was all healthy stuff that has helped us learn more about each other and to grow our love in the direction that God wants it to grow. Another thing I love about Jon… he doesn’t yell. He is the most patience, kind-hearted, slow-tempered man that I have ever seen and he never raises his voice to me or to anyone. Jon looks like Jesus on a daily basis… and he even looks like Jesus in this season of our life. Jesus has gone before Christians to prepare us a place in Heaven. And Jon has gone before me to West Virginia to prepare us a place to live once we’re married. The bible encourages us to strive to be like Jesus, and Jon is definitely doing that. He has made sacrifices so we can save money and afford for me to quit my job once we’re married so I can move too. It was really hard to leave Jon without a place to stay and living out of his car, but if anyone can do it.. it’s my Ulitmate Man’s Man! He’s the closest to Chuck Norris that I’ve ever seen… in fact, he could one up Chuck! I’m so thankful that I have a man that’s willing to live out in the woods for the next four months, and getting up early to use the health club showers to be clean for work… just so he can save money for me to live with him once we become husband and wife. So these are some of the reason’s why it’s so hard to leave him or be apart from him. I’m convinced that we have one of those loves that they make movies of … one of those loves that our future children will be sharing stories about. I’m praying that the Lord would protect that love and allow it to grow and that Jon will be protected in every way possible. I have faith that this season will be one that will inspire couples. So that makes me feel a little better. In the meantime, I’ll go back to eating my ice cream and watching my Disney movie as I anxiously await for the phone to ring so I can talk to my honey :) Ah... I really can't wait until we're married!