Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey y'all!! I just wanted to let y'all know that IT IS OFFICIAL..... I will be an intern for CMT...yes, Country Music Televison...up in Nashville, TN!!! WOW!!! This is so crazy.... and I was elated when the lady, Cinnamen, told me that they chose 15 interns for the spring and I'm one!! I'm one of two interns in the Radio dept! The Lord... is the only thing that makes sense to me, as to why they chose me. I am so Praising Him right now!!! Wow, do dreams really come true? Wow... bless Him.

I actually applied for the Summer, and they accepted me for Spring, I start Monday, Jan 9th!!.... everyone that I spoke with told me to not turn it down and accept it for the Spring. So I did!!! I decided that, if need be, I would postpone graduation for a semester. The plus side to that would be I acutally would get to "walk" across the stage to get my degree.... if you graduate in December, there is no ceremony, you just get it mailed to you. So...if that's the case and I have to push graduation back... my family would be honored to watch me do that. But, there is still a possiblity that I could still graduate this December. So, we'll see.

But wow!! I called my Mama... and after the excitement calmed down, she then proceeded to say, "Well.. you better stop picking your face (what I do when I'm stressed) and watch your figure and make sure you remember to pack your winter clothes when you move up there it's colder in TN in January".... doesn't she sound like a Mom? Goodness... it'll never change. Ha! I love her!!!

Wow, my head is SWIMMING!!!!! I have no clue which way is up or down. Ha! Now comes the fun part... getting all the necessary things in credits... school classes moved... financial aid... and I have to find somewhere to live! If any of you know of anyone who has a spare room, let me know! Wow.. just think.. in one month I will be interning with CMT. I can't believe I will be up there in one month!

Here is the rundown!!I get there on the 9th at 9am... From 9-12.. I meet with the head for orientations!Then at noon.. I'll meet with my supervisor!! AND... have lunch with him/her!!!Then... the fun begins!!

Also, I have to throw this out there... Spring interns are expected to go and help out with the CMT AWARDS SHOW!!!! (Because it's in the spring) Shoot.. expected?.... I'm there!!!! Ha!! How cool is that?!?! I'm just freaking out! Thanks so much!!! God is so wonderful, and I give all the glory to Him!!!! He is so Good!!! Bless Him!!! Love, Miranda

P.S. Below is what I'll be doing.....

CMT Radio Networks Openings: 1Preferred number of days needed: minimum of three per week/16 hours per week.Preferred major(s): Communications, Journalism, Radio Broadcasting (Juniors or Seniors only)

Special Skills: Some knowledge of radio production and equipment, good writing skills, strong computer skills, good organizational and interpersonal skills, ability to productively conduct internet research. Good communications skills are required.

Job Description: Intern will assist in the preparation of CMT Radio Network’s daily prep sheet. Will compile information for special features, and may be involved with writing stories and sound editing. Intern will organize artist interview schedules and will help coordinate prouder schedules. Spring interns will assist with coverage of awards shows. Intern will shadow artist interviews, will have exposure to artist management and will shadow covering music news events. Intern will have interaction with various other departments of MTVN, including the Music & Talent department, and programming. Candidate will also be exposed to personnel at all Nashville-based record labels, artist management teams and with some country music artists.

Department Profile: The CMT Radio Networks team compiles a daily news prep sheet, designed to serve radio morning shows at more than 120 country music radio stations nationwide. They arrange artist radio tours for affiliate radio stations. They produce 12 monthly specials per year and 8 quarterly specials per year. CMT Radio Networks serves to further the CMT brand as being first in country music news coverage, and it helps promote CMT programming to over 40 million radio listeners daily.


Devoted said...

Congrats and PRAISE the LORD! You are on your way now, sister! As long as you keep Him in the top spot...He will take you places you could never have dreamed of on your own. God bless you and know that you have a 'granna' praying for you here in Razorback country. :-D

Yolanda said...

I am so very happy for you! I remember a posting you wrote awhile back on LPM about being the only Christian in your family, looks to me like you sure are SHINING Siesta/Girlfriend!