Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks for Chaos!

(This was written back in September.... I just never posted it, and ran acrossed it yesterday...and it blessed me all over again... at how God "sets things up"...Awesome!!!)

Sept. 14, 2008

I've had one of the most busy/ crazy/ stressful weekends this weekend, and I can't help but write to tell y'all how the Lord blessed me through it.

First of all, I know that I e-mail a lot talking about the Lord... but seriously it is because I just can't help but feel Him working on my behalf over my life. It's not that I'm crazy religious or super spiritual and go around passing out every time I feel Him.. ha! It's just simple everyday things, that make me step back in awe and say, "Lord.. that is You!".... and I just give thanks to Him. It's just that I've begun to completely yield my life to Him, and His promise is that He will supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Jesus. Phil 4:19

I also relate well to this verse:"Like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord." 1 Peter 2:2-3

I can't tell you how much I have tasted the kindness of the Lord over the past 9 months... and just like the verse says, I can't help but long for the Truth that His Word reveals to me. Wow, I love the Word of God! I love God and the salvation He's given me through His Only Son. Gives me chills! Yep! I seriously, seriously relate to the joy Paul experience in Christ after he was converted.

So... on to my weekend... Wait a sec! I can see right now this may get lengthy. So... just go ahead and stop (you have my permission).... you may get up and refill your coffee cup... but ya gotta come back! LOL (In fact, I'm going to refill my coffee cup... ha!) So you can go too.. but come back, now!

Ok.. are ya back? I'm back too! I have a nice Hot cup of french vanilla coffee, that is just SO good! Mmmm!

Ok... NOW on to my weekend... My best friend from High School, Rebecca, was having her baby shower this weekend... it was scheduled for Sat. the 13th. Well, I've been planning and planning to go, but last weekend I had to make a unplanned visit to my hometown to go to the Orthodontist because one of my brackets had broken. Let me tell you, I aboslutely LOVE braces!!....NOT!! So, since I only get paid once a month, and all my bills are due at the beginning of the month.. I pretty much go a whole month without extra money. LOL. The joys of being a student. I keep telling myself that these are my humblilng years.

So, since I had to make that trip to the Orthodontist last weekend, that was the money I was going to use to go to my friends' baby shower. You don't know how much it hurt me to call her and tell her that I wouldn't be able to come. I could tell that she was disappointed, and that she had been excited to see me.

The next day, Rebecca texted me and told me that she wanted to give me money to come down. Now... I'm sad to say that my pride stepped in... and I told her that I didn't want her to pay for me to come to her baby shower. I was suppose to be the one giving her the gift, not her paying for me. Nope.. I didn't want her to do that. But she insisted... and eventually I said, Ok.

THEN! I wake up Friday morning and gas has sky-rocketed to $5 a gallon! No lie... and I call Becky, and I tell her that there is just no way.. It would be way to much money to borrow, and the truth was, I wouldn't have the extra money when I got paid to pay her back. So we were back where we started. It just killed my heart to know that I wouldn't go to my Best friends baby shower... I was her Maid of Honor in Her wedding.. but do to unchangeable circumstances, I had to miss her wedding.. and I just felt like the crappiest friend in the world to miss her baby shower too. You know? I mean, who wants to be friends with me? I miss all the major parts of their lives. Goodness...

So.. I prayed. I pray to the Lord to provide a way or either to grant peace over my heart to accept not going.

Y'ALL!!! At the very last minute.. and when I say last minute.. I mean last minute. My friend Jessi called me at work, and I smile to think that the family I work for wasn't there at the time, so I was able to answer my phone. Jessi... asked me if I was going to the baby shower, and I told her that I couldn't..but really wanted to. Well.. Jessi told me that she had been waiting to give me my birthday present (back from July..ha!)... and if I wanted her too.. she would give me it now.

Well.. I just felt the Lord over it.. and I told her that would be WONDERFUL! Jessi financially provided MORE than enough money for me to drive the 3 hrs (even with $5 gas) to the baby shower, and have some left over to get me through the rest of the month. Glory to Him! Right??........ Well...of COURSE!!! (Also, it must be NICE to be a nurse! *wink*wink*)

Nope... this isn't even over!!! Go take a potty break if you need to. It's ok...but come back! LOL

Ok... So now God has provided a way to go to the baby shower, but ..oh! you continue reading you'll see how He gave me so much more.. through the craziest of circumstances.

So, I go drive the 3 hrs and I go to my Papa's house. I had asked him if he would take my car up to Wal-Mart to have the oil change while Jessi and I went to the Baby Shower Sat morning. (I needed him to do this during that time, because I needed to head back to Augusta right after the baby shower, because I have a TON of work I have to do for school) Well.... Jessi and I go to the baby shower, and we have tons of fun... I collected lots of the necklaces for when people would use the "B" word.. baby, ha! It was tons of fun! Rebecca, however, she was having some mild contractions (she is due Oct. 1st)... so I went and spoke to her belly. I said, "Come on out, little man!!!" It was funny.. so all the throughout it, I loved on my dear friend and her family then I had to leave....

So when I got back to my Papa's house, I saw Papa..but I didn't see my car. UH OH!! BAD FEELING!! Well it turns out that the last time I had my oil change the guys at Wal-Mart in Augusta didn't do something right, and now my car is messed up and it is going to take a few days to fix it. WHAT?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I HAVE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! LORD? What am I going to do? Lord? I need you!

Well... good news.. Wal-mart is going to pay for all of it to fix my car.. because it was their mistake.. they had it on record that I had gotten my oil changed last there.. the mileage, THANKFULLY, added up correctly, so they KNEW it was them who made the mistake. (I'd tell you what it is that is wrong with the car.. but I don't speak in car language...ha!)

The bad news.. Miranda is without a car. NOT GOOD! So.. my grandpa had the solution for me to borrow my sisters car, and she would borrow his truck.. and he would pay for ALL of her gas in the truck. So I called my sister, and I was so grateful that she was ok with that... but of course... Satan, loves to torture me.... there was one problem with Danielle's car. She was riding around on a Doughnut... so she needed a new tire. SOOOO.. My Papa is just a Angel.. he really is... He told Danielle to come over right then.. and he would take her car to get a new tire..because.. I HAVE to have a way back to Augusta (and Papa's truck isn't an option for me because it's HUGE and only gets 12 mpg)

So... I'm thanking the Lord the entire time... but we go to three different tire places, and they are ALL out of the tire that matches Danielle's other tires. WHAT?!?!? Lord????? I need you!!!! I'm freaking out at this moment... and I hate to say that my flesh could have been revealed a bit... When I get stressed... I get impatient.. and I sometimes I can be a bit of a brat. Well.. I KNOW it was the Lord... because He spoke peace over my heart, and I didn't act the way I would normally act when things don't fall into place like I want them to.

I KNOW it was the Lord, because had it not been.. I wouldn't have been so patient with all the chaos around me. I mean, I NEEDED to leave.. I have homework to do! You know? >>> Let's stop, and praise Him for a second<<< Ha! I'm so serious.. Glory to Him!

Ok.. well the tire guy, must have seen the sorrow on my face (because although I may not be acting like it bothers me, I do tend to wear my emotions on my sleeves) He gave the suggestion that they could put another tire on the car that would fit it.. It just wouldn't be the same type as the other three. And I'm thinking to myself... What does it matter if it's a different brand? But that's what my sis wanted... so I called her.. and I praise Him that she was so gracious to say.. a differnt tire would be fine! Woo Hoo!!!!

Well... the Lord had to speak peace to my heart, because all of this had taken a long time... and I was so stressed out.. I had a headache... and I was tired, and there wasn't any way that I felt like driving the three hours back to Augusta. So... I had peace to just stay the night and leave this morning.

So.. when I settled down at my Papa's (he was going dancing.. and I was thinking that I would go take a hot bath.. LOL... but I had to try to do my homework).. Well.. after Papa left to go dancing.... I finally sit down to rest...and I get a phone call....

The caller Id said "Rebecca" on it..... Her husband had called me to tell me that Becky was in the hospital and that she was about to have the baby!!! WHAT?!?!?! (I SUDDENLY KNEW WHY EVERYTHING HAPPENED THE WAY IT DID!)

Bec's Husband was thrilled to know that I was still in town, because Becky had wanted me to be there. SO I went up to the hospital, and I got to go in and spend time with one of my all time best friends and enjoy the moment we've talked about since 7th grade together. And how sweet was it, that when that Baby came....while I was standing there, in my mind I prayed over him and his Mama. What a special moment!!!

Thanks goes to the Father, because had everything (as stressful as it was) not happened exactly the way it happened.. I wouldn't have came down to find that something was wrong with my car, and I would have caused irreversible damage (so that's one blessing).. but the best blessing is.. I wouldn't have been there to see my best friend holding her first child in her arms after delivery. Wow... those are the precious moments in life, that I've realized... you just have to Praise Him!

So He.. may allow us to have some stress with broken cars and non-available tires... but he allows it because He has something bigger and better that He wants us to experience....

So yes... I hope you can see why I e-mail lots about Him. I e-mail lots about HIm, because He is so good.... and there are things that happen... to where He is the only thing that makes sense.... SO yes.... I PRAISE HIM!

And.. Lastly, Since all this happened... I stayed here in my hometown for the night, and I wasn't able to go to church this morning because I have to journey to Augusta in a little bit.... but how wonderful that He allowed me a good night's sleep.. so that I could wake up early without being tired.. to write this out to you.... so that you can see the Grace He bestowed upon me this weekend. What an awesome God?!?! Just Awesome!!!! SO this is my way of praising Him on His day....

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28



Nichele Lynn said...

Hey you! SO cool to hear His blessings over you! Oh, about my blog, my sweet friend over at decorated my supe cute blog. I wish I could take all the crdit, but she was the brains behind the operation! lol If you look on my sidebar, there is a button that says Pink Armchair Desinds. Click on that, and it will take you straight to her! God Luck. Let me know if you need any other help with sidebars, etc.

Devoted said...

First of all I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas! I love the new layout btw. It's beautiful! I'll be looking for something different for mine soon.

I love your post the below quote really hit home. It is so true! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could always see the bigger picture? God bless you richly in 2009!

"So He.. may allow us to have some stress with broken cars and non-available tires... but he allows it because He has something bigger and better that He wants us to experience.... "

Devoted said...

May our Lord and Savior protect you and guide you this coming year and bless you as you bless other!
In HIS grip,
Theresa aka Devoted

valerie said...

Hi Miranda, I came here from Yolanda's blog.
I just wanted to tell you how encouraging it is to see someone your age so on fire for the Lord.
I think it's so great that you recognize Him and His greatness in your life at such a young age.
I've always been close to God and love/loved Him, but probably the past seven years have really gotten to really know Him & it's amazing.
I'm so glad to hear about your internship. How exciting!!! That'll be so much fun to keep up with.
May God continue to bless you abundantly in 2009!
P.S. Rom. 8:28 has been my verse here lately. We had something unexpected happen in Dec. and it was really sad and hard to understand, but we know....we really do know that ALL things work together for good.

Nichele Lynn said...

Miranda!!! How have you been? How's Cmt, any more Famous Hotties??