Thursday, January 29, 2009

Need A Drink?

As the deer pants for streams of water; so my soul pants for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

Independence is, at some point in our lives, what we all strive for. Think about it… My four-year-old niece constantly tells me “I can do it Aunt Ran, I can do it by my own self”…. When my sister and I were younger and we were starting school there came that first day of school where we no longer wanted our parents to tag along with us while we entered into our new classrooms. As my niece would say, we could do it by our own selves. Ah yes,… then comes the time when we became teenagers and we worked to get our own cars, make our own money. Eventually we couldn’t wait to move out so that we could truly experience freedom……Independence.

Independence: Direction of one’s own affairs without interference.

Well.. It occurred to me today that I really am not an independent person. I rely heavily…and when I say heavily… I mean HEAVILY on my Faith in God. (I mean, who says yes to an internship without figuring out a place to live, how classes will work around it, or even if I’ll have enough money to do another unpaid internship….I mean, who in their right mind does that sort of thing?) Everyday I find myself more and more dependent on the Lord. I depend on His Word to get me through the day and direct me. I depend on that still small voice to lead me and correct me. I depend on my faith in him, I depend on His promises, I depend on His answers, and I depend on His love. Yep.. I’m very dependent…I totally count on God to lead me. I don’t fight for independence in my spiritual life, because I’ve realized that when I try to do things aside from Christ, I’m no good. Like.. for real. I stink. But yet… I can do all things through Christ (and then I have the wonderful fragrance of Christ!! *wink*wink*)

I’ve realized that the deer and I are very similar. Yep…besides us both being slim, sleek, muscular, and not to mention cute (ha!)….we both pant after what will replenish us. Especially after a strenuous run through the woods….just as the deer can’t live without water…I too am in need of a refreshment… I’m in NEED of God. I can not live with out Him. I can’t even stand with out Him. I look forward to revitalizing my spirit with His every day. Connecting with Him through quiet worship and alone time with Him. Now, I’ve already taken a drink of the living water that Jesus promised, so I‘ll not thirst for that any longer…that is a done deal.

In case anyone is wondering... I'll elaborate a bit …Just as we would be dehydrated without earthly water… we will be dehydrated without living water. Jesus is the only way to have living water (a.k.a. eternal life) ...In fact…. if it were to go long enough and we didn’t drink in the living water… we’d be a little more than dehydrated….we’d be suffocating in flames. (Whew.. glad that ain’t happening to me!)

I’m so glad that I have had a taste of that living water that my sweet Savior supplies. So I know that I will never be dehydrated again. I will never fall short of salvation. I will ALWAYS have that. AND it just blows me away that I can still have those rivers of living water flowing through my soul so that I may constantly have my spirit washed and full. Jesus will always be enough for me. He will always be the One who makes my cup overflow, and He will always be the One who lights my fire on a daily basis. He will always be the One that I love, and the One who will supply my every need according to His riches and glory.

So Yes….I’m happy to announce that I’m dependent on Him. I have complete faith that He has a purpose and a will over my life. So…with knowing that… He makes me just race towards Him… He makes me want to run as fast as I can to His feet…He makes me want to just run the race and fight the good fight and live according to His plan.

...just as the deer pants for the my soul pants after my Lord.

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Yolanda said...

Keep thirsting for Him, Sweetie....Only He can quench.